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We are pleased to announce that our restaurant has received Certificate 
"Małopolska Regional inn 2013" project "Małopolska route Gourmets"

     We invite you to our restaurant in the centre of Krupówki street. The decor of this restaurant is based on that of the Traditional Highlander House. The wooden interior follows the pattern of the best examples of regional building of the Podhale and Orawa regions.

     A bar located by a lime-whitened countryside stove, with a fire-place and antique chairs create a really homely atmosphere. Inside the restaurant we can see the external wall of a house built in the style of the region of Orawa with a characteristic elements on which are pillows, buckets, barrels and plenty of other items. In a word just like in a highlander's house. At weekends, and in the summer and winter,
a highlander group plays music.

     A speciality of our restaurant are ribs roasted with onions served on a wooden dish with sauces, roasted duck in fruit served with cranberry, potato fritters with garlic butter (moskol), lamb cutlets, and many other meats and drinks characteristic of our region.

     Friendly ansd professional service, unforgettable taste experiences and a unique homely atmosphere. Hej!!!


"Staro Izba" Restaurant

ul. Krupówki 28 34-500 Zakopane
tel.+48 18 20 133 91, +48 601 95 93 90
e-mail: kontakt@staroizba.pl

 Open daily from 11 until the last client leaves

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